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RS Golden Gnome Awards RS Golden Gnome Awards

   Discussion: RS Golden Gnome Awards
jafa game (anon) · 3 years ago
Lasting for a long time, the 4th annual Golden Gnome Awards now was to an end. And all the 22 FIFA 15 Coins gnomes were given out.Now the final results are out. These awards celebrate some of the funniest, most talented, most dedicated and in the case of one JMod, the daftest people in our community. The majority of the award winners were picked by JMods, three of awards were given for activities held during the day, and the GGA audience pick the winners of cosplay competition.Despite their Golden Gnome, all the winners will receive the Golden Gnome pet. In the following, we will reveal the full list of the awards.Art Competition:Winner of Digital Art Award: XaraWinner of Hand Drawn Art Award: IsmoniaWinner of Sculpture/Plushie Award: Medi LordElf Model award is for an activity that took place during RuneFest. Players were asked to paint an elf model of their very own.Winner of the Elf Model Award: Bond007Cosplay competition:Winner of the Female Award: Sen with her Armadyl costumeWinner of the Male Award: Teezkut with his sirenic armor and royal crossbowRS team asked those who couldn’t attend RuneFest but still wanted to take part in the cosplay awards to send in a photograph of their costume.Winner of Photo Award: NZD with his bandos armor.Mod MMG was given a special Golden Gnome Award for his contributions to the game over the years. Special thanks to them.Live Stream Competition: FIFA 15 PC CoinsWinner of Most Entertaining Moment: Skill SpecsWinner of Most Original Content: IronNoBankWinner of Best Live Stream Series: B0atyQueen Black Dragon Speed Kill is for an activity that took place during RuneFest. Players took on the QBD in an effort to see who could kill her the fastest.Winner of this award: P_at_rick with a time of 01:13Winner of Old School Corporeal Beast Solo Challenge: L_Icy_LWinner of Alan’s Challenge: Mod CampbellVideo competitionBest video guide: MunclesonkeyBest machinima video: SkyzahBest live-action video: Geese Go MooBest video series: Will Miss ItWish you were in Runescape: RealscaperzCommunity champion: Princess RaeHall of Fame: Runescape 2007 Gold DrumgunLifetime Achievement: B0aty

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