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Understand if they were skeptical of mmogo Understand if they were skeptical of mmogo

   Discussion: Understand if they were skeptical of mmogo
maddenvip · 6 months ago
This is an interesting pick for the NBA Live Mobile Coins upside, though it’s not without its risks. The last time the Twins had the first-overall pick, there was extraordinary pressure to take Mark Prior, the unbeatable mega-ace from Alpha Centauri. They went with the hometown catcher, a high school kid at that. Do you know the failure rate for high school catchers?Joe Mauer might not make the Hall of Fame, but he came closer than 99 percent of the players to put on a baseball uniform. This pick didn’t come with the same clear dilemma, but the Twins did have a choice to make. It just might pan out. Grade: A-2. Cincinnati RedsThe Reds’ rebuilding plan has been kicked in the tail a little bit, what with the surprising success of some of the Grade-C prospects they’ve accumulated over the last couple years (Adam Duvall, Eugenio Suarez). This helps the FIFA Mobile Coins Reds’ forward momentum, even if they have to be a little disappointed that the Twins got to their Plan A first. Considering the available talent, from both the high school and college ranks, it’s hard to argue with this pick.Grade: A-3. San Diego PadresThe last time the Padres had the third-overall pick, they drafted Donovan Tate, so you would understand if they were skeptical of mmogo another high school player. On the other hand, Mike Trout went 22 picks after Tate, so who knows anything? This was the pick of a franchise that’s unshackled from what they’ve done in the past.

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