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Pastor Derrick Allen's Bio Pastor Derrick Allen's Bio

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Pastor Derrick Allen's Bio

Posted by: Divine Word of Truth on Wed, Nov 10, 2010

The biography below is by no means a complete and comprehensive exploration of the life of Pastor Derrick Allen; instead, it is merely an overview of some of the important events in his life.

Early year

Pastor Derrick Allen was born in Trinidad and Tobago on May 22, 1961 to Richard and Eastlyn Allen. He grew up in a home where he was taught to love the Lord and keep his commandments. At the age of ten Pastor Allen became a member of the youth group at the Morvant Pentecostal Church where he attended. At that early age he knew that God was guiding his life.

At the age of 18, he accepted the Lord and was baptized. He attended the St. Peters House of Prayer church in Trinidad. He said as a young man he knew that God has a special calling on his life and he was destined to follow that call. He was always a caring, giving person and willing to do whatever he is called upon to do for the Lord. He said he was never shy about sharing the good news about God and how sweet it was to serve the Lord.

Beginnings of a new Journey

Pastor Derrick said his life was forever changed after he accepted the Lord. He said he became more and more indulged in the word and wanted to learn more about the teachings of God.

Pastor Allen continued in the service of the Lord, he said that he knew his life was taking on new meaning when he met Beverly Braznell; they were married on June 12th, 1982. Since then the Lord has blessed them with three wonderful children, Nigel, Clavia and Angel.

Answering the call

It became evident to Pastor Allen that his life was no longer the same, when he began preaching in church. In 1985 he moved on and became a member of Christian Union Church of the West Indies. He led the worship services and two weeks after receiving membership he was voted Missionary President. He served on the local church board and was a member of the District Church Board. In March 1988 Pastor Allen received his local license to preach in Trinidad and Tobago, Pastor Allen furthered his studies in the following topics; Mobilization for Evangelism, Meeting the Muslim Challenge, World Mission Today, Effective Communication, Christian Leadership and Evangelizing the Hindu.

Pastor Allen continued to serve in the church until his migration to the United States in the latter part of 1989. His wife and children followed in February 1990. Pastor Allen and his family attended Trinity Apostolic Church, where he continued to serve as Missionary President, leading in worship and directing the choir. His devotedness and dedication to the Lord were no secrets and on October 2nd, 1994 Pastor All was ordained as Minister to serve under Pastor Cornelius Olive. He was then ordained to Assistant Pastor in September 1996.

With the calling upon his life, he endeavored to make himself available to the knowledge of God, and in February 1996 he attended Community Bible Institute (CBI), studying Theology. He graduated May 1999 with a certificate in Theology.

In 1999, his Christian life took a different turn. He said that, he believed that God has new plans for him and wherever or whatever those plans were he was ready and willing to answer the call. It turned out that a group of people began to fellowship with him and his family sometime in May of 1999 at his home, and this lead to the birth of Divine Word of Truth Church of God in Christ, Inc. in June of 1999. As the membership grew it became evident that his living room was not big enough. The Lord provided a bigger space for the church, which is currently located at 1071 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY where Pastor Allen is presently serving as Pastor/President.

In 2004 Pastor Allen continued his biblical studies and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Theology major in Religion, at the International Theological Seminary of California. Pastor Allen continues to be instrumental in the lives of everyone he interacts with. Pastor Allen has traveled to several countries to minister the word and to perform different pastoral duties.  These countries included Barbados, St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. Vincent and most recent Nigeria, West Africa.Pastor Allen said he wish that he can win the world for the Lord; however, if he helps one sinner to find his way to God then his life was not in vain. Pastor Allen continues to be bold and brazen, fighting on the Lord’s side.

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Clavia Sears (anon) · 9 years, 5 months ago
God Bless My dad and mom, God's favor, grace and mercy is on you'll lives. Stay blessed!

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